AgeNet – A special relationship

There is a special relationship which LifeStar Institute wishes to recognize and that is the one with its sister non-profit, Aging Research Network, or AgeNet.    During LifeStar Institute’s formation, Aging Research Network recognized the potential to accomplish what neither could do alone and combined forces  to produce some very satisfactory results including the landmark paper [...]

  • LifeStar Advisor Illuminates Genetic Secrets of the Oldest Old

    Through the majority of human history most humans died long before they had lived long enough to suffer from age-related disease.  Thankfully, basic scientific advances have eliminated, for much of the developed and developing world, those causes of death which people died from over a century ago and limited life spans to about 40 years.  [...]

  • Scientists Urge: Formation of Global Collaboration to Avert Global Aging Crisis

    An answer is urgently needed. Soon, for the first time in human history, the aged will outnumber the young and, although these elders are living longer and healthier than ever, the eventual loss of their contributions due to age-related disease and the costs of treatment set the stage for global economic catastrophe. Learn more…  [...]

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